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an image of Julia wearing a top hat and purple goggles with a shower of steampunk cogs coming down around her

About me!

I made my first website in 1995 after discovering The Internet. My love of the web encouraged me to head back to uni and complete a Grad Dip in Computer Science. Rather a departure from my undergrad BA in Politics and History.

In 2000 I moved to London (for the weather, naturally) and began my web career in earnest. Working on sites for eJay, British Gas, Sainsburys and Hanson I found a passion for Accessibility and moved my focus from coding to testing sites with disabled users to ensure they worked with Assistive technology.

I missed coding though and headed back into a front end dev role where I worked on sites for Canon, BP, National Rail Enquiries (to name a few) bringing in all my experience in Accessibility to the role.

Scroll on to now - I’ve moved to Tassie (for the weather, naturally) and had tons of fun completing a Diploma in Graphic Design (see the image!). I’m now working with local companies - big and small - to get online and realise their online dreams.